Monday, October 19, 2009

Pumpkin liqueur

I'm trying a pumpkin liqueur -- we ended up with a vast pumpkin from Gathering Together farms, and it's got to be et.

I found this pumpkin liqueur recipe and tried to follow it, but it makes all kinds of no sense:

  • How the heck much is 24 ounces of pumpkin? I chopped it raw and used 4 cups.
  • Boil four cups of pumpkin in the juice of one lemon? Not possible. So I kept adding enough water to keep it from burning. It probably spent a half-hour on the stove total.
  • I tried straining it, but it seemed like a waste of effort -- every other recipe I've used involves big chunks of stuff soaking in the liquor, then you strain at the end. So I just dumped it in there, pumpkin, lemon peels, and all.
  • Instead of 6 oz of sugar, I used "some" sugar. Probably less than that; I'll add syrup when I'm done.
  • I don' t know how much rum I used. probably a little more than they called for.
I'm not optimistic about this one, but we'll see.

UPDATE: I gave it a couple weeks, then strained it and added sugar water to it. The result was something like limoncello. No pumpkin flavor at all. Not great limoncello, but not undrinkable; I kept in in the freezer and drank it in small amounts as an after dinner sippy drink. If I were to try this again, I'd use a pie pumpkin (they're sweeter), maybe add some sugar during the first stage, and of course no lemon. Maybe add pumpkin pie spices after it's done, but I'd want to taste it without them first, because I think they'd overwhelm the pumpkin.

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