Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Law of Spam Attraction

My recent post on The Secret and the Law of Attraction seems to have attracted the attention of a few people hawking related self-help products. They try to post comments which make a passing reference to what I said, then go on to plug their wares.

I'm forced to admit that maybe if you are very focussed on your goal of making money by selling a book, you might be more effective if you set aside socially beneficial, but limiting, beliefs like "I don't want to be an annoyance to people" or "it's rude to post lame comments as an excuse to insert marketing". This technique probably works, to the benefit of your bottom line, but to the detriment of the quality of conversation that goes on on the internet.

I said recently it might be OK if The Secret was urging people to get clear with themselves, by tempting them with material wealth. But this reaction makes me question that. If The Secret is "you can get rich by removing all mental resistance to your greed", then it might be better for it to stay a secret.

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