Friday, March 09, 2007

More on Bardo Barbie

The Last Psychiatrist makes use of the same quantum mechanics metaphor I did recently, and suggests that what we call "identity" is really just our own and other people's expectations of us, combined with our desire to live up to those expectations. Change those expectations, and you'll find yourself very motivated to change your behavior.

Can you change those expectations? Are you free to redefine yourself as The Last Psychiatrist claims? Can Barbie return to the Bardo at will? I've been perusing another blog called The Situationist, which makes the rather depressing argument that we're so influenced by our environment that it's a stretch to say we're free at all.

There's plenty of people out there struggling and failing to lose weight or fight addictions. Are they free to change but choose not to, or are they not free? Some people do change, others do not. I don't understand why.

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